Last visit by the Provincial Grand Master

Old Cranbrookian Lodge No. 6877


PGM3On Friday, 10th June, 2011, the Provincial Grand Master, RWBro Michael Robin Bailey, made his last official visit to a Lodge before his retirement at the end of the month. So many Brethren wished to attend this very special occasion at the Old Cranbrookian Lodge No. 6877 that the Meeting was moved from its normal venue at Cranbrook to the Maidstone Masonic Centre at Tovil.

No less than thirteen members of the Provincial Craft and Chapter Executives and some twelve Active Craft Provincial Officers accompanied the Provincial Grand Master; the escorting procession formed up to welcome WBro Michael was so large that it could scarcely be contained within the Lodge Room.

Bro Wally Newby, an extremely alert 86 year old, was Passed to the Second Degree in a remarkable ceremony by the Worshipful Master, WBro Tony Shields, ably assisted and supported by Bro Wally’s son, Bro David Newby, who acted as Senior Deacon. The Second Degree Tracing Board was superbly explained by the Provincial Grand Secretary, WBro Chris Saville.

At the end of the meeting the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VWorBro Roger Odd, delivered a tribute to the Provincial Grand Master, which was received by all the Brethren with a standing ovation.

At the Festive Board, the Provincial Grand Master spoke about the progress of the Province of East Kent during the last seven years and said that he was happy to leave it safely in the hands of his successor, WBro Geoffrey Dearing.

The meeting had been a very special occasion, not only for the Old Cranbrookian Lodge, but for all those Brethren who were fortunate enough to have been present.