Fleur De Lis Lodge Lands a Good Catch

A New Line to the Craft




Viewers may recall the above picture, which appeared in the story of ‘Grand Officer Caught Telling a Whopper!’ It shows Mr Warren Muckell (seen on the right) at the East Kent Branch of the Masonic Trout and Salmon Fishing Charity’s successful event at Chequertree Fisheries, Bethersden, on 13th May 2011.

Membership of the MTSFC is open to anyone, whether or not a Freemason, who, like Warren, has a passion for the sport of fishing, the necessary fishing skills, a desire to help others and the ability to engage with young people. Warren exhibits all of these qualities and has been a dedicated, enthusiastic and very popular member of the branch since its inception in 2010.

Until Thursday 26th May Warren was not a Freemason but all of that changed when the Fleur de Lis Lodge No. 8969 landed a good catch! As the Past Deputy Provincial Grand Master and Branch Chairman, Peter Brooshooft, poetically observed: “It was a very dark evening, a howling gale was blowing, interspersed by thunder, lightning and heavy downpours, as members of the East Kent Masonic Fishing Charity gathered to net their first specimen angling initiate”. The weather was indeed as described but nothing could lower that exceedingly warm feeling experienced when welcoming a newly made Brother into the fraternity.

The Master of the Fleur de Lis Lodge, Gary Lux, was in excellent form as he led the ceremony of initiation, with great accuracy, sensitivity and sincerity. Warren was conducted throughout the ceremony by his good friend and proposer, Marc Hoffman, who ensured that his charge was comfortable and at ease. Finally, Warren received the charge after initiation from Paul Townsend, which was faultless and most moving in its delivery. The Fleur de Lis team really are to be congratulated for the manner in which they welcomed their new member and for the warmth of their hospitality extended on the evening.

After the ceremony, the fishing fraternity couldn’t resist an impromptu welcome for Bro Warren, with working tools to hand; well, ‘rods at the ready’!



Bro Warren Muckell welcomed by some of the fishing fraternity

LtoR Tony Roberts, Bob Hayes, David Alexander, Peter Brooshooft, John Baker, Ray Smith and Len Hopson

21 June 2011