Sheerness Freemasons’ Fete

Saturday 21st May 2011



The Sheerness Freemasons’ Fete once again proved to be a wonderful success. The fete is a community based event designed to raise money for charity. It also promotes Freemasonry in the community and so it was very exciting to witness everyone working so hard to have so much fun. Attendance was in the thousands and to top it all, the weather was perfect.

The fete was opened by the Heart radio breakfast host James Heming who spent most of the day at the event meeting and talking to the crowds. And during the day, he regularly updated the Heart Kent Facebook page with everything that was going on.

Sheerness2The Sheerness Times Guardian’s KM web site also reported on the day that it was a great success and they too had fantastic feedback on their Facebook page.

Once again there were many attractions including a tug of war between two of the local Lodges and afterwards, a team from the community took on the eventual winners. If you want to know what happened, then please see the short video.

Demelza signed up enough people on their £1 per week lottery scheme to potentially raise over £4000, and I am sure that when all the results come in for the whole day it will be more good news. Joanna Friar from Demelza was so delighted with the day that she made contact directly after the Fete with the following email, which really puts the day into perspective.

We would like to thank you very much indeed for allowing us to be part of the fun at the fete on Saturday – Paul has asked me to get in touch to let you know how we got on.

Our representatives met some lovely people and did, as they told you, sign-up 12 new members to our Lottery scheme. This is an extremely successful day for us! However, the success of the day isn’t only measured in financial terms - in talking to people, we are also raising the profile of our charity and hopefully winning the goodwill and support of the people we meet. This usually leads to new volunteers joining us and more fundraising opportunities coming our way. It really was a good day for us on Saturday, so please pass on the thanks of everyone at Demelza to your colleagues, we are extremely grateful for your support.

With many thanks and best wishes,


The evening’s entertainment was equally enjoyed by all and by the end of the day, a considerable sum of money had been raised for both the 2014 Festival and local charities. But it is also important to recognise the impressive and valuable good will shown by everyone on the day. Everyone from the local community gave their time for free in the name of charity – organised by local Freemasons. Now what could be better than that?