Provincial Chapter Convocation

Winter Gardens, Margate on Thursday, 19th May 2011


Members and guests assembled at the Winter Gardens, on a balmy day under a clear blue sky and in warm sunshine with a calm sea lapping against the Esplanade, to pay a fond farewell to Michael Robin Bailey, their Most Excellent Grand Superintendent for the last seven years.

Assisted by the Second and Third Principals, Excellent Companions Brian Barden and David Kershaw, the Grand Superintendent opened the Convocation in due form at 3.45 pm.

The distinguished visitors were welcomed and the usual business of the Convocation conducted without remarkable incident. The Active Officers for the year were reappointed and the new ones appointed and invested, as were the Past Officers being promoted and appointed, all as appropriate. The Grand Superintendent’s Meritorious Service Award was presented to Companions Alfred Smissen and David Wells.

Chapter2011a1When the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent addressed the Companions he said that with honour and privilege comes commitment and that had been his watchword over his years in office. This had involved a tremendous amount of personal time and dedication, in addition to his professional and personal commitment. There comes a time however when it is appropriate, in the interests of the incumbent and of the Province, for change to take place. As announced at the recent Craft Festival he was therefore standing down as both Provincial Grand Master and Grand Superintendent, with effect from 30th June.

He paid tribute to all the members of the Province and their families for all the support and kindness extended to him.

Upon the conclusion of the address, in a memorable and special moment, all the members and the visitors rose to give a standing ovation.

For a full transcript of the Grand Superintendent’s address, see here.

The convocation was closed in due form, following which a deputation from the Royal College of Surgeons was received.

In 2013 Supreme Grand Chapter will be celebrating its bicentenary. An important part of the celebration will be to raise, over the next three years from the members of Holy Royal Arch Chapter, a sum of money sufficient to create a research fund for the benefit of the Royal College. This will be administered, at no extra cost, alongside the Craft’s existing 250 year anniversary fund.

The members of the deputation addressed the Companions with a brief explanation of the important research that is already being undertaken, making the point that it is only through the existing masonic funding that they are able to continue.

To see a video, click here for part one and click here for part two.

Chapter2011b1The speakers are:

  • Jonny Fountain, Development Director, who explains the College’s relationship with Freemasonry

  • Daniel Frith, who gives an overview of his research into excessive bleeding in trauma situations

  • Tim Pancave, who gives an overview of his research into melanoma cancer

The Companions were so absorbed by what they heard, that you might have heard the proverbial pin drop.

All then repaired to the customary happy Festive Board.

The Provincial Office will be pleased to provide specific details of the Chapter Convocation should it be required by Companions.




30 May 2011