Grand Officer Caught Telling a Whopper!

“Honest, it was this big”


Fishing lies


With a line like the above, Branch Secretary Pat Flanagan loses all credibility and no doubt you will immediately be lured into reading on and become hooked on the story which follows!

Friday the 13th May saw the start of the “new season” for the East Kent Branch of the Masonic Trout and Salmon Fishing Charity’s work in the community.

The day started early for the helpers, who under the gimlet eye of Branch Chairman Peter Brooshooft and the galvanising lash of Branch Organiser Ray Smith, had set up the marquee, seen the caterers safely installed, prepared the certificates and awards together with myriad other administrative tasks prior to the arrival of Len Hopson’s team of casters.

Having received their necessary briefings from Ray and Len and whilst awaiting their charges the caterers primed the team with a most welcome bacon roll and coffee whilst champion coarse fisherman Tony Roberts gave a master class in how to catch Tench, managing to land a sizeable specimen within 7 seconds of first casting.

In due time, eleven very excited pupils from the St Nicholas School, Canterbury, together with their teacher, Mr David Phillips and four helpers, arrived at the Chequertree Fisheries, Bethersden, for a day’s experience of Fly and Coarse fishing. Introductions and Health and Safety matters duly dealt with, the pupils and casters were paired off and moved to their allotted “swims”. Such was the quality of the fishing that in a little under 15 minutes the first magnificent specimen of trout was landed, weighing in at a very respectable 2.75 lbs.


Fishing4aA very tasty supper!The word rapidly went around that it had been caught on a “Blood Worm” fly, which news sent the remaining casters frantically into a change of fly.

On the coarse lake, Tony continued to exert his magical charms, with all of the pupils under his tutelage achieving very commendable results, one of whom received the award for the most fish caught. During the morning the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Roger Odd, visited and was delighted on this occasion to witness a large number of catches. Roger remained throughout the session and kindly presented the awards and certificates of achievement.

During the day the caterers provided generous amounts of soft drinks, water, tea and coffee as well as a splendid lunch of burgers, salad, fresh fruit and jelly, all of which met with the complete approval of pupils, casters and helpers alike.

All Change!

Fishing3aFollowing the award ceremony and during his closing remarks, Roger thanked the MFC casters and helpers for giving their time so freely to such a successful venture and for supporting the charity in a very practical way by working within the community.

The next branch meetings are to take place on Friday 8th July at Horsham Lakes and Friday 23rd September at Chart Fisheries. Why not come along to see what happens and, if you time it well, join everyone for a genuinely “free lunch”? For further information, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ">David Alexander

Should you wish to know more about the work of The Masonic Fishing Charity please follow the link:

Post Script: Since the above report was prepared, a heartfelt and generous letter has been received from St. Nicholas School.

30 May 2011