60 Year Certificate for Leslie Shugrue

Eminent Provincial Organist Honoured




Few members can claim sixty years membership of Freemasonry and such a long career will have brought much pleasure and many friendships. This has never been truer than it is in the case of such a widely known and respected, indeed well loved, brother, as is WBro Leslie Shugrue.

Leslie was initiated into Reculvers Lodge No. 4123 on 13th February 1951. In the course of his long career he has risen to become a Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies and Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden. He celebrated the occasion in his mother lodge at their regular meeting on 8th March 2011, when he was presented with his certificate by the Provincial Grand Master, RWBro Michael Robin Bailey.

More than 60 brethren were present to share Leslie’s joy and demonstrate their appreciation of him, in particular for his service as an organist to so many lodges, chapters and orders beyond the craft.

Amongst the many distinguished brethren were the Metropolitan Grand Master, RWBro Russell Race, Past Provincial Grand Master, RWBro John Bonomy and the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, WBro Roger Odd.

17 May 2011