The Norman Lodge Centenary

The Centenary Meeting of the Norman Lodge No. 3502
held at the Franklin Rooms, Gillingham, on 19th March 2011


The 150 members, wives, widows and guests who assembled at the Franklin Rooms, Gillingham, on Saturday 19th March 2011, to celebrate the Centenary Year of the Norman Lodge No.3502, enjoyed a splendid treat, both in the Lodge and at the Festive Boar.

The meeting was presided over by the Provincial Grand Master, RWBro Michael Robin Bailey, a member and Past Master of the Lodge. It was very fitting that, on this occasion, the Lodge was presented with a 'Bronze Award' for the 2014 Festival.

The first steps to form the Lodge were taken in the offices of the old Medway Union (the Poor Law Authority) which was housed in the grounds of the former All Saints Hospital, Chatham.

Most of the Founders had connections with the Medway Union and the first Worshipful Master was WBro Alfred Reynolds Norman, after whom the Lodge was named. He was a Chatham solicitor and Clerk to the old Medway Board of Guardians. The Lodge was formed for what we would now call Local Government Officers, including staff at H M Borstal Institution and Schoolmasters.

The Lodge was consecrated in the Masonic Hall, Manor Road, Chatham, on Wednesday 8th March 1911. The majority of the Founders members were drawn from the Royal Kent Lodge of Antiquity No.20, others coming from the Gillingham Lodge of Benevolence No.184, Brownrigg Lodge of Unity No.1424, Beacon Court Lodge No.1967 and King Edward VII Lodge No.3252.

The Norman Lodge continues to flourish with regular Initiations. The calendar of yearly social events includes a summer Barbecue, Lodge of Instruction Supper, Quiz Night, Family Sunday Lunch, a White Table Meeting in December and the ever popular Ladies Festival, all of which help cement a friendly and harmonious atmosphere throughout the Lodge both at the Meetings and in the members’ daily lives.

The inclusion of families and friends in these events is now the norm and is very much appreciated by all concerned.

29 April 2011