East Kent Provincial 2012 News

Faversham Open Day 2012

The sun certainly enlightened the day in Faversham on Saturday 8th September when, in conjunction with the annual Heritage Open Day, the Province held another of the increasingly popular Provincial Open Days.

In line with other similar open days held in Centres around the Province its dual purpose was to dispel many of the misconceptions regarding Freemasonry and to attract new members. The pre-event publicity carried out by the local members and the Provincial Communications Team definitely worked. There were more than 10 times the number of visitors usually present at the Heritage Open Day. They came from far and wide with at least two from the USA taking the opportunity to view the unique building whilst staying with friends in the area. 




Particularly welcome was his Worship the Mayor of Faversham, Councillor David Henry Seymour, accompanied by his Sister, Ann, and the Town Sergeant, Doug Camp. During their tour they learned about the origins of Freemasonry in general and in Faversham in particular and of the charitable nature of our fraternity.

The event was well supported by local masons who brought their friends and families along. On behalf of the Province David Kershaw and Tony Elliott were in attendance all day to assist the many visitors with their enquiries about Freemasonry.





In keeping with the format of previous events a variety of displays, exhibits and information packs were provided by the Province and the Kent Library and Museum of Freemasonry, along with other items of Masonic ephemera and Lodge regalia, kindly supplied by the 3 local Lodges. There was also an audio presentation detailing the history of the 16th Century building and how it became the Faversham Masonic Centre.

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The Mayoral party spent much longer than they had originally planned, not least because whilst observing a surprising number of his predecessors amongst the lists of Masters of the various Lodges and other Masonic Orders, the Mayor discovered that his maternal Great Grandfather, Henry Seymour Tett, and Great Great Uncle, Frank Tett, had been Master of The Lodge of Harmony in 1897 and 1895 respectively. Before reluctantly leaving for other pressing appointments The Mayor was presented, on behalf of Faversham's Freemasons, with cheques totalling £550 for the Friends of Faversham Cottage Hospital, a charity of which he is the Chairman.