East Kent Provincial 2012 News

Prince Edwin's Lodge Jubilee Celebration

Fifty-two people attended the Prince Edwin’s Lodge Widows Lunch at Hythe, eighteen of them were Lodge widows. The theme was the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and those attending were invited to dress in red, white and blue. Some very innovative outfits ensued! The Caterer provided an excellent luncheon and during the meal a keyboard player provided music from the 1950’s, and afterwards sang appropriate songs from that period.

In between courses Ian Bell conducted a quiz also based on events and news at the time, with simple prizes of sweets for correct answers. The ‘rules’ limited entry to the widows only, but the excitement was too much for many of the congregated crowd who could not resist giving the ladies a hand!

The dining room in Windmill Street was decorated with bunting and union flags to resemble a street party with a long table spanning the length of the room. The ladies clearly enjoyed the event and everyone agreed it was a success. One of the guests, Emma Cyster, said “I really like the way the room has been decorated, the meal was lovely and the atmosphere was super” and Jan Howell, one of the Lodge widows, said “It was like a breath of fresh air, I loved the quiz, it was a really good lunch and the red, white and blue was a lovely idea. All in all a very nice way to spend a few hours in delightful company”.

This was a departure from the usual ‘Widows Cream Tea’ when, traditionally, the Lodge has taken the widows out for an afternoon ‘mystery tour’ coach drive followed by a cream tea at Lathe Barn at Burmarsh on the Romney Marsh. The proceedings were organised by Ian Bell assisted by his wife Pat (although it has been suggested that it was Pat who did the organising – assisted by Ian!)

Well done to both of them!