East Kent Provincial 2012 News

Well & Worthy Recommended

 Wor Bro Graham Jolly

Lodge St George Bahrain, No 7389, has enjoyed a particularly happy, busy and successful year. The annual Burns Night Supper was a sell out, raising £1,200.00 for charity. There has been a steady stream of new and joining members. In April the lodge received a Gold Award for its fund raising for the 2014 Festival; a great testimony to the hard work and dedication of all the members, especially Charity Steward Stan Donald.

To cap it all members had the pleasure of seeing Graham Jolly being presented with the Provincial Grand Master’s Award of Merit at the Provincial Meeting at Margate. The members then decided that they would make their own presentation to Graham.

Graham stated that he didn’t want any fuss to be made. The members treated this as a challenge and resorted to deception, conniving, and downright underhandedness, in which they were joined by Graham’s family and even the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Roger Odd! The outcome was a complete success.

At the May meeting Roger graciously presented the lodge with the Festival Gold Award thanking the members for their continuing support and then summoned a bemused Graham to the pedestal. Not only did Roger praise Graham warmly for all his service and commitment, he also spoke movingly of the debt many owe to him for his support and guidance, especially to the newer and younger members, for whom Graham was their first point of contact.

In a lodge room, charged with emotion, all stood whilst Roger read the scroll setting out the Provincial Grand Master’s reasons for making his award to Graham. He displayed the accompanying plaque and explained the significance of the award to all present.

At this point Graham was trying to figure out how his scroll and plaque came to be at the meeting; when he left home they were in the lounge!

On behalf of the lodge, Roger then presented Graham with a solid silver engraved ashtray. This had been commissioned by the lodge and made by one of the members, Steve Ottewill, a silversmith of international standing.

After the lodge closed, having embarrassed Graham to their satisfaction, the members led him upstairs where he found his wife and other guests assembled! In an informal and joyful atmosphere, more warm words were spoken, including a tribute to Graham from his wife and daughters.

Many will know Graham, others may never have met him, but this evening was a fitting tribute to one who is truly “well and worthily recommended”.