East Kent Provincial 2012 News

A Gold Award and A Can of Peas

Lodges regularly hold a raffle at the festive board but are always looking for innovative ways of fund raising and Lodge St George Bahrain No 7389 is no different.

It is not unknown, amongst the bottles of wine and boxes of chocolates that have been given as prizes, for a lodge to have one which the winner is ‘encouraged’ to return to become a prize at the next raffle. But Lodge St George Bahrain is really different.

Their ‘special prize’ is a catering size can of peas! Always the same can, as lodge members vie to win the peas as a prize so that they can put it back for the next raffle.

This has been going on for several years now, so that it is fast becoming part of the lodge tradition and even visitors vie to win the peas just so that they can be chivvied into giving them back. 

Bahrain’s Prize Peas are now held to be in part responsible for the lodge receiving the Provincial Grand Master’s Gold Award for the 2014 Festival, having already helped it obtain the Silver and Bronze Awards. 

Charity Steward W Bro Stan Donald said, “Our peas are now well past their ‘best by date’, but they are still working for charity!”


W Bro Stan Donald holding the tin of peas.