East Kent Provincial 2012 News

2012 Provincial Pantomime



As a festive precursor to the Christmas season Pantomime time hit the Kings Hall at Herne Bay in the guise of Cinderella. It was the most satisfying conclusion to all the hard work put in by the cast, technicians and musicians at Sunday morning rehearsals. Their efforts were supplemented by the front of house team and caterers over the weekend performances.

The regular culprits in the persons of Roger Odd, Roger O’Brien, Clive Manuel and Nick Waller were ably supported by Colin Tunbridge, Peter Trower, Andy Waters, Max Gibbins and Jason Cameron-Potter with cameo roles from Archie Moore and Brian Powell. Cinderella was beautifully played by Paula Trower, for whom it was made the more challenging when Prince Charming, played by her husband, lost his voice at the Sunday evening performance and he was dubbed (to everyone’s amusement) by Colin (Jake) Jackson, the versatile Director of Music. Even the Stage Manager, Ron Ball, managed to get a couple of walk (dragged!) on parts when the ritual (script) required a kick start. Light interludes of singing and dancing were supplied by the young ladies of Starquest Performing Arts School. The whole extravaganza was directed and produced by Ralph Apperly and the music supplied by our own Cymbolick Penalties.


Pantomime 2012 - 4




The evening audiences on the Saturday and Sunday were mellowed before each performance with a most pleasant meal before immersing themselves in the world of make believe, comedy and contemporary gags, clearly appreciated judging from their laughter and applause. There were about 250 attending on the Saturday and 200 on the Sunday. The final satisfying outcome from all this mayhem was a donation of £8,000 towards the 2014 Festival.


The Sunday afternoon matinee performance had an invited audience of over 550, most of whom were children from homes and similar establishments within East Kent Province. Playing to the youngsters was very rewarding for the cast and much appreciated judging from the enthusiastic reaction of the youngsters as they entered fully into the afternoon’s fun. Afterwards they met the cast and were presented with Advent calendars.