East Kent Provincial 2013 News

Maidstone Masonic Centre

 Lodge Room 2 Refurbishment

The Maidstone Masonic Centre Management has for the past two years pursued a vigorous energy conservation programme and a major part of the programme was to install insulation above the suspended ceilings throughout the complex. Lodge Room 2 was the last area to be insulated and, as the suspended ceiling was in a poor state of repair, the most economic option was to replace it with an open grid type with demountable tiles to match those installed in Lodge Room 1. The space above the new ceiling was then insulated with “Earthfibre” insulation. The existing lighting was also replaced with the latest LED technology thereby achieving further savings on the energy bills. The refurbished Lodge Room is now in pristine condition and will provide members with a pleasant meeting environment well into the foreseeable future.

The refurbishment works, apart from the suspended ceiling and electrical installations, were carried out by a dedicated team of volunteers drawn from the membership of the Centre and their contribution is gratefully acknowledged by the Maidstone Masonic Centre Board of Directors.