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The Cymbolick Penalties

Cymbolics WL

The Cymbolick Penalties is a six-piece group, which was originally formed to provide the dancing music for the hugely successful "Winter Warmer" evening in February 2012. Subsequently the band appeared as the ‘pit orchestra’ in the December 2012 Provincial pantomime.

Cymbolic PenaltiesThe Cymbolicks at the Provincial Pantomime

Since then they played at the sell-out Winter Warmer in February 2013, the after-show party at the Sheerness Freemasons’ Fete, the Kent Mark Provincial Garden Party and the inaugural Proms in the Province in the summer of 2013. More recently the band played at a fund-raising event for the Balmoral Masonic Centre in Gillingham. Guesting at some of these events was Sammy Lou, a lady with a fabulous voice.

Freemasons PIP-2Sammy Lou with the Cymbolicks at the Proms in the Province

All members of the band are Provincial Officers who are happy to give their time and performances free-of-charge to help Masonic event organisers raise money for worthy causes. Sammy's performances were also free-of-charge. The total raised in lieu of fees so far is in excess of £5,000. Pressure of time means that while they are available for Provincial or Centre-based functions, they are unable to play at individual lodge events. 

In the summer of 2012 Sammy and the band spent many hours in a recording studio to produce a limited edition CD which has been selling throughout the Province and further afield.

Cymbolicks CD WSThe Cymbolicks' Limited Edition CD

With thanks to all those that have purchased a copy of their CD, the Cymbolicks presented the PGM with a guitar case filled with £1,310 in cash, raised by the sale of their CDs, so far, for the 2014 Festival. The presentation took place at the ‘Desert Island Discs’ meeting of the Sir Edward Elgar Lodge No 9837, on 19th November 2013, at the Maidstone Masonic Centre.

Cymbolicks CD Cash WSThe Cymbolicks presenting the PGM with the cash from their CD sales Some copies of the discs remain unsold so, if you haven’t got one already, please purchase one and help to raise more for the Festival; they make good Christmas presents. They can also be purchased to include as a raffle prize at your meetings or social events. The CDs are on sale for £10 in many Masonic Centres or can be obtained via your Charity Steward.

With the end of the 2014 Festival for the Freemasons’ Grand Charity looming, the Cymbolicks will be appearing for the last time at the Winter Warmer Valentine Cabaret Dinner on 14th February. Sammy Lou will also be on the bill which will be hosted, once again, by comedy entertainer Miki Travis. If it follows the pattern of the last two years, the show will be a sell-out.

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