East Kent Provincial 2013 News

Cycling for Charity


It started in November 2012 when W Bro John MacCabe, then WM of the Belvidere Lodge No 503, was listening to a news and travel report on the radio. The lady presenter announced that, in September 2013, she would be participating in a Charity Cycle Ride in California starting in Yosemite National Park and ending at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The purpose of the cycle ride being to raise funds for the charity “Cash for Kids”.

On that cold, damp morning the thought of warm California sunshine sounded very appealing and, encouraged by his wife, he signed-up to take part. To ensure he would succeed in covering the 260 mile route, John trained very hard during the following spring and summer months.

In due course a group of 13 cyclists flew out from Heathrow, all of whom completed the ride.

John said ‘I can only describe it as an amazing experience.

Yosemite National Park is immense and quite magnificent. It was very sad to see the devastating effects of the recent forest fires as we rode past. We experienced contrasting weather from a sunny 31oC for the first couple of days down to 15 oC and torrential rain on the last day, which proved to be the toughest’. Fortunately the rain stopped just before the group reached San Francisco and they were able to ride across the Golden Gate Bridge in bright sunshine; in John’s words ‘an awesome sensation’.

John managed to cope with the many hills some of which were quite long and steep; he said ‘It is surprising what you can achieve when you are determined not to let either the charity or your sponsors down’.

John wished to record his thanks to his several Lodges and Chapters who were very generous in their sponsorship and to the Brethren and Companions who individually made generous donations which helped him to raise a total of £6,600 for the charity.