East Kent Provincial 2013 News

Assistant Grand Master in Canterbury

redletterjpgIt was a red letter day on Wednesday 18th December when East Kent Freemasons were honoured with the presence of the Assistant Grand Master, RW Bro David Williamson, when he spent the afternoon and evening in Canterbury. On arriving in Canterbury he joined the Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Geoffrey Dearing, at the Cathedral to witness the presentation of a cheque for £22,000, on behalf of the Freemasons’ Grand Charity, to the Very Reverend Robert Willis, Dean of Canterbury. The grant was to help with the training of stonemason apprentices.

Cheque presentation large group WL

From left to right, back row: Andrew Edwards, David Kershaw, David Roberts-Jones, Dan Large and John Meardon    Front row: John Grumbridge, Peter Williams, the Dean, the PGM, the AGM, Roger Odd and Lyndon Jones

Throughout his visit RW Bro David was accompanied by two members of the University Scheme committee: Regional Coordinator WBro David Roberts-Jones, and the Secretary Bro Dan Large. The Dean was accompanied by the Chief Executive of the Cathedral Trust: Andrew Edwards, and the Receiver General: John Meardon. Also attending from the Province of East Kent were VW Bro Roger Odd, Deputy Provincial Grand Master; WBro Peter Williams, Assistant Provincial Grand Master; EComp David Kershaw, 2nd Provincial Grand Principal; WBro Lyndon Jones, Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies and WBro John Grumbridge, Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master.

A smaller cheque for £500 was also presented by Roger Odd and David Kershaw to the Dean resulting from the remaining surplus from the Bicentenary Service held at the Cathedral in September.

AGM  PGM in workshop 2 WSOne of the apprentices, Emlyn, explains his work.

Before the cheque presentations, the AGM, the PGM and their parties were given a tour of the stonemason's workshop where they met several of the apprentices who are being supported by grants from the Freemasons' Grand Charity.

AGM  PGM outside WSEmlyn describes the work at the Great South Window

After touring the workshop the group were taken to view the work being undertaken by stonemasons on the Great South Window.


After leaving the Cathedral, RW Bros David and Geoffrey visited the Kent Museum of Freemasonry where, together with their parties, they were given a tour of the recently refurbished museum and library by WBros Tony Eldridge (Trustee), Tony Periton (Curator) and Dr John Andrews (Secretary to the Trust).

museum interior WSKent Museum of Freemasonry

Attentive and unhurried, the Assistant Grand Master was intensely complimentary about the Museum's format and design, the collection, graphic boards, displays, windows, inset stained glass symbols in the mezzanine, the shop, use of AV and - in fact 'everything'. Happy to sign the visitors' book, he set his seal of approval with the comment: ‘Brilliant! An example of everything a modern museum should be!’

Afterwards Tony Eldridge said: ‘It was a privilege and a pleasure to show our museum to a truly interested Assistant Grand Master. Everyone associated with the past & present management and administration of the Museum & Library, the refurbishment team, volunteers, patrons, friends, lodge representatives, and the many other enthusiastic supporters can be rightly proud of all that has been achieved.’

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In the evening, the AGM, the PGM and their parties attended the meeting of St Augustine Lodge No 972, the first of the two University Scheme lodges in East Kent. Having announced his retirement as AGM, RW Bro David wanted to thank the lodge, and WBro John Grumbridge, the Universities Scheme Mentor in East Kent, for their special contribution and success in piloting the scheme in East Kent. In return, the lodge wanted to thank RW Bro David for his support and guidance as President of the Universities Scheme.

december 2013 AGM  PGM visit WSThe AGM and PGM with the members of St Augustine Lodge No 972 

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