East Kent Provincial News 2014

Bruce Hunt's 50th


 Roger presenting Bruce with his long service certificate

Bruce Hunt celebrated 50 years in Freemasonry on 6th November when he was presented with a long service certificate by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VW Bro Roger Odd.

Bruce was born in London in 1920 and lived opposite Lord’s where he could watch cricket free from a bedroom window!

Tony Denne, Roger Odd, Bruce Hunt, Wilson McVittie (Worshipful Master) & Trefor Scarff

He was a wartime RAF officer pilot reputedly repatriating injured and other troops from the Far East. After the war Bruce was a regular “social” member of the RAF Wattisham Officers Mess and he worked at Wattisham for a short while.

He also worked for Fisons as a technical agricultural advisor, based at Tenterden, and it was while living there that, in 1964, he was initiated into Invicta Lodge of Ashford No 709 and was Master in 1974. He received Provincial honours in 1983 when appointed Past Provincial Assistant Grand Standard Bearer.

His business interests included motor engineering and commercial refrigeration.

Bruce moved to Ashburnham Farm (originally part of the Barking Hall Estate) in Suffolk until eighteen years ago when he moved to a bungalow in Harleston (Suffolk).

Bruce was also a regular visitor at Phoenix Lodge No 516 in the Province of Suffolk. He never applied to become a joining member due to his allegiance to his Mother Lodge in Kent.

Bruce often spoke about his very high regard for one or two brothers in his Mother Lodge named Denne who were his proposer and seconder on initiation.

Bruce's wife, Nickie, was a famous judge at dog shows across the UK and including Cruft’s until her recent retirement. She travelled far and wide in a “mature” Ford Fiesta. When speaking about judging at an Edinburgh championship show she was asked where she stopped - to which she answered “just at Scotch Corner for petrol” - a round trip of 800 miles in 36 hours at the age of nearly 90!

Bruce never stopped working and would help anyone even if at short notice. When living at Ashburnham Farm he appointed himself as “general factotum” at Barking Hall Nursing Home across the road. No regency stripes were straighter than those of the lawns at Barking Hall whilst Bruce was in charge.

Tony congratulates Bruce

Whilst Bruce never erred towards filial favouritism; he shared reflected glory from the success of his granddaughter Josie who held high office with the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Her new bank manager called her in to review her personal account starting by asking “what do you do for a living?” Josie replied 'I am the Principal Inspector for the FSA'. The Bank Manager said “I see - who is inspecting whom?”

Bruce was accompanied by WBro Trefor Scarff from Phoenix Lodge No 516, who drove him to Kent for the presentation.