East Kent Provincial News 2014

50 Years & 50 Minutes

Chesterfield Lodge-1Roger Odd with Mike Napper and Damien Clothier

Chestfield Lodge in Whitstable had double cause for celebration at their meeting on Saturday, 8th November. Not only did they welcome their newest member, Bro Damien Clothier, but also the Lodge Secretary, WBro Mike Napper, was presented with a 50-year Long Service certificate by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VW Bro Roger Odd.

Mike Napper was initiated into the Union Waterloo Lodge No 13 in Dartford in 1964 where he was introduced by his father. Mike is still active in his Mother Lodge; he served as Master in 2000 and is currently Secretary. Mike was one of the Founders of Chestfield Lodge in 1983 before taking the Chair in 1987 and he has held the office of Secretary since 2003. Mike is now the only Founder who remains a member of the Lodge; a fact which Mike is himself happy to play down but the Lodge does insist on making a fuss of him every now and then! His fantastic contributions to his lodges and Freemasonry in general are reflected in his Provincial appointments; Mike now holds the rank of PPrAGDC in West Kent and PPrGReg in East Kent.

Outside of Masonry Mike is a keen Caravanner and is able to enjoy many trips away with his wife, Jane, as he was fortunate enough to be able to retire early from his career as an Insurance Underwriter. He takes great delight in driving his caravan to France and has made great strides in getting to grips with the French language! Being also retired, Jane was apparently delighted when she heard Mike was due to take over as Lodge Secretary as it would “get him out from under her feet”!

Bro Damien was another success for the Provincial Recruitment Initiative. In July Damien came to an Open Day at the Whitstable Masonic Hall, which was co-ordinated by WBro Philip South and, as a result, he expressed an interest in becoming a Freemason. His enquiry was handled by the Provincial Recruitment Manager, WBro Barry Devereese, and after passing on Damien’s details to the local Membership Advisor, he was introduced to Chestfield Lodge. Damien has been warmly received by the Lodge and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of his Initiation where he received moral support from his father-in-law, WBro Peter O’Rourke, a Surrey Mason who attended the lodge as a guest.

After presenting the Long Service Certificate, Roger Odd said that he was delighted to be in the lodge on an evening in which he was able to congratulate a Brother with 50 years and another with 50 minutes in Freemasonry.

All in all a very enjoyable double celebration made even more special by the presence of the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, his Escorting DC WBro Larry Andrews, and five Active Provincial Officers.

The Festive Board was, as usual a happy, convivial affair with the lodge presenting a gift to Mike to thank him for all he has done for the lodge. After the Toast to its newest member, Damien Clothier gave a first class response and the evening was topped off with “The Chestfield Song” which, despite some questionable singing from some, proved as always to be a source of great fun (to experience it yourself, book in to a future meeting with Mike Napper).