East Kent Provincial News 2014

Talking Heads at Mid Kent Masters

First Presentation of Talking Heads by East Kent Freemasons


L to R, WBros Terry McGlone, Malcolm Smith and Ian Smith, the Narrator, the Master Mason and the Past Master respectively

A team from the East Kent Provincial Grand Stewards’ Chapter gave a presentation of Talking Heads at a meeting of Mid Kent Masters Lodge No 3173 on Friday 5th December 2014. The meeting was well-attended with over 70 Brethren present, including the Provincial Grand Master, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master and a goodly number of other distinguished Brethren.

This was its first presentation in East Kent by the province’s own team, having received permission to use it from the Metropolitan Grand Lodge (see our earlier report). It was delivered in a very natural manner and sounded like a normal conversation between two Brethren - one of whom acted as a new Master Mason, the other, an experienced Past Master and Past First Principal. There was a bit of strolling around the lodge and some very nice touches of humour which made it all very natural. There was also a narrator who chipped in from time to time with some historical information and the three performers are backed-up by at least one senior chapter officer to introduce the demonstration and deal with any questions afterwards.

The Steward's team together with the Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Master & Wardens of Mid Kent Masters Lodge

The aim of Talking Heads is to give, in a Craft Lodge, more information about the Holy Royal Arch and its close links with Craft Masonry. It is presented in the form of a series of questions and answers and, not only does it inform Freemasons who are not yet members of the Holy Royal Arch, but it is also enlightens many of those that have taken that step.

It is hoped that Talking Heads can be performed at each centre in the province sometime in the not too-distant future. A possibility would be for one lodge at each centre, when they can foresee well in advance that they will have no work scheduled for a particular meeting, to book the Talking Heads demonstration team. That lodge can then promote it to the others meeting at that centre in order to obtain a good and worthwhile attendance and enable as many Brethren as possible to see and enjoy the performance.

To book a demonstration, please contact Excellent Companion Ian White, Director of Ceremonies of the Steward’s Chapter.