East Kent Provincial News 2014

Temple Chapter’s 500th Meeting

Temple Chapter No 558 Celebrates its 500th Meeting

Geoffrey Dearing, together with Active Provincial Officers. Chapter members, Guests & Visitors

Temple Chapter No 558 celebrated its 500th meeting with a well-attended gathering of Holy Royal Arch Masons at Grace Hill Masonic Centre, Folkestone, on Tuesday 9th December. The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Geoffrey Dearing, together with a group of Active Provincial Officers, joined the members, guests and other visitors to help mark the occasion. Excellent Companion John Bonomy, OBE, Past Grand Superintendent and Scribe E of Temple Chapter, one of the event’s organisers, was also present.

The meeting was presided over by its three Principals, Excellent Companions George Bauer (acting First Principal), Mike Lawrence and Ian Parker and the highlight of the evening was an entertaining talk given by Mike Lawrence.

Chapter Menu and Commemorative Booklet

Entitled “A Topic of Masonic Interest”, Mike tailored his talk to the period over which the chapter had been active. With a charter dating back to 1881 it is one of the oldest chapters in East Kent and, in those 133 years, it has witnessed the evolution of the Holy Royal Arch over much of its history. Mike’s talk left everyone better informed about the Order.

At an enjoyable Festive Board, Temple Chapter members and the distinguished guests were presented with engraved crystal whisky tumblers as a memento of this milestone in the chapter’s history, rounding off a very memorable evening.