EKPSA Inaugural Report

Provincial Sports Association Races Ahead!

March 1 saw the inaugural meeting and formation of THE EAST KENT SPORTS ASSOCIATION.   Enthusiastic responses had been received from many brethren and the steering committee, led by W Bro Roger Odd, relayed how overwhelmed they all were with letters and comments of support and enthusiasm. At the meeting He proceeded to outline the perceived need and current situation.

It has become clear there were already a series of sporting groups operating within the Province effectively and independently embracing inter and intra Provincial events. It was noted that currently little publicity surrounded these events and potential recruits were missing opportunities to participate. The Association was outlined as a vehicle to coordinate these activities for the benefit of all. It was an opportunity to embrace spectators, ladies and young people as well as the community at large. The potential for tournaments and perhaps even a sports-themed Lodges was mooted by some of the assembled group. Additionally, it was felt such an Association would open further avenues for links with other Provinces too.

At its heart the Association was perceived to be an umbrella organisation supporting its constituent but autonomous sporting groups.   The potential also existed for joint presentation evenings and sportsmen’s dinners to celebrate such camaraderie. A management committee, to formulate the Association was elected consisting of:

President        RW Bro M. R. Bailey, Provincial Grand Master

Chairman        W Bro R. W. Odd, Deputy Provincial Grand Master

Treasurer        W Bro T. Pierpoint

Secretary        W Bro S. Salisbury

A wide-ranging and enthusiastic discussion highlighted the very real potential for enhanced activities and opportunities within the Province for brethren and their families. An illustration of the diversity was reflected in the activities represented on the night including: cricket, golf, bowls, clay pigeon shooting, rugby, show jumping, caravanning, cycling, sailing, tennis, fishing, walking, croquet and chess.

As a first step, it was felt prudent by all present to encourage established groups to be the first associates. As a result, the following Brethren were selected by their groups to represent sections on the Association as follows:

Clay Pigeon Shooting       W Bro R Wilkes

Cricket                            W Bro F. Holding

Bowls                              W Bro B. White

Golf                                VW Bro K. Hodgson

It is hoped other sections will be established in the very near future. Details of forthcoming events from these sections will follow on these pages.   Any brethren interested in the Association or helping to create or run a section should contact Stephen Salisbury in the first instance for further details.